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An Herbilicious Evening, two spots left

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Anyone's who has been to the open air food markets in Rome know this is one of the best seasons for food. We've still got artichokes, favas and peas, while eggplants and tomatoes are working their ways into the stands. And the fruit....oh the fruit! Strawberries are plenty while cherries have just arrived! But what gets me most excited about cooking is all the wonderful herbs that can go with these fresh spring vegetables and is a fundamental component of Italian, in particular Roman cuisine. At Roman markets we have a special herb called mentuccia, a wild mint variety that has a more buttery taste with smaller leaves than its sister peppermint plant. It is used in classic Roman dishes like Carciofi all Romana (Roman artichokes) or vignarola a green vegetable stew of favas, peas, artichokes and spring onions and when tasted just makes you think of spring bike rides and summer picnics.....

To celebrate this special time of year we will base our next dinner-class on Friday May 30th  upon the careful combination of Italian herbs and how to sfruttare or take advantage of their delicate wonderfulness.  We'll talk about how to use herbs in sauces, pastas, fillings and more. If you'd like to join we've got just two spaces left, so write soon to reserve a spot!

Friday May 30th

6 - 9 PM

Hands-on cooking class + full dinner and wine included

Via Torino 41 (near Piazza della Repubblica)

Small group, no more than 6 guests