About us

What's with the name?  

We just adore how Italians eat. Gathering to dine over good food and conversation. They get it - food is to be eaten slowly, surrounded by good people and with no deadline. The meal begins and conversation flows as soon as the first diner breaks a chunk of bread.

We capture this convivial spirit in each and every one of our classes. 

Juli & Carlo 

Juli is an experienced food and agriculture professional who has traveled, worked and lived throughout Italy.   She has an unwavering passion for the simplicity of Italian cooking and its ability to bring people together around seasonal ingredients which respect the land and people that grow it.

Juli has farmed in New England and Italy - harvesting grapes for Chianti in Tuscany and olives for oil in the south. Following a culinary stage at the American Academy of Rome's Sustainable Food Project, Juli started Breaking Bread in Rome to share her passion for food, farming and Italy with whoever will sit at her table. She now continues cooking and gardening in Boston, exploring new ingredients with the same good food philosophy.